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Mar 24, 2020

Another more Deadly Virus, HantaVirus plagues China killing 20 in a day as the World Battles coronavirus

Another more Deadly Virus, HantaVirus plagues China killing 20 in a day as the World Battles coronavirus

While the world continues to scare over the novel coronavirus spread, news about another virus reportedly killing a man in China has added more to the panic. The Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), is the latest concern among netizens. The man who died in China was tested positive for Hantavirus.

After the news broke online, people began to trend #Hantavirus, with too many concerns running at the same time. They are collectively under the impression that it is a ‘brand-new’ virus originated in the South Asian country and set to become a pandemic, just like COVID-19. The speculations concerning to the Hantavirus transmission soon took over social media. Some stressed that hantavirus is transmitted from human to human and with a possible outbreak, their quarantine period might be extended. But can the virus spread from person to person? Do you need to quarantine? Before you jump into a conclusion, know how people can actually be infected from HPS.

Global Times in a tweet reported that a man from the Yunnan Province in China died after he was tested positive for Hantavirus. The remaining passengers on the bus were sent for the test too, but the results

The tweet went viral online. Considering severe situation, where COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly, it was apparent for the netizens to panic over HPS, given that it has a ‘virus’ in its name. Hantavirus has been running as one of the top trends on Twitter, with people worrying about the spread. Some even believed that their self-quarantine period might increase as well, for the Hantavirus outbreak. The panic is everywhere! 


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