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Mar 21, 2020

COVID 19 Was Created As a Military Bio Weapon By The US And Chinese' -Military Agent Reveals Truth.

'COVID 19 Was Created As a Military Bio Weapon By The US And Chinese' -Military Agent Reveals Truth

Good day everyone and Good morning to you all, how was your night, Hope you all slept well and had a good night rest.
Yes so back to our daily news it has been revealed by a Chinese military agent that coronavirus was really created and harvested.
Now we'll can see that what we are all suffering from was and really wanted to be used as a weapon in the first place.
But now the main question is why will two countries go behind our backs to plot and create something as dangerous as this.
I mean were they not thinking about the well-being of their citizens.
The Government of China was on the defense when the United States of America accused them of creating the Covid-19 diseases in the laboratory in a bid to weaponize it. China aggressively responding to the message from Washington, where President Trump said the virus started in the Industrial city of the Wuhan in China and is spreading throughout the world.

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As cases rise in the USA, its officials are emphasizing the pandemic was "made in china". Just Like Robert O'Brien said in a quote "This virus didn't originate in the united states, It originated from Wuhan in Hubei province in China....". Such comments made by top most senior officials have infuriated the Chinese government. This is what the foreign ministry has to say. "We urge that USA officials respect objective, facts and international public opinion and spent the time to prevent and controlling the epidermic and strengthening relevant cooperation rather than attacking and complaining about others."
The link to the video explaining how China and USA created a bio weapon which is the Covid-19 disease. But US officials have been pushing back against conspiracy theory flooding around the internet and the Chinese media. that corona virus is an American bio weapon. Beijing has also pushed the narratives that the virus was brought to china by the USA military.

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