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Apr 2, 2020

Cardi B reportedly hospitalized. See why.

Cardi B reportedly hospitalized. See why.

Cardi B, has been reportedly taken to a hospital with ‘real bad stomach problems’ amid coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the whole world. Cardi B, who had experienced ‘stomach problems’ for several days has revealed that she was taken to hospital this week after suffering ‘stomach problems’ for several days. The Bodak Yellow rapper unveiled to her twitter followers that the emergency dash happened on Tuesday evening (April 1st, 2020). In a now-deleted tweet, Cardi revealed: ‘Honestly, cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for four days, I went to the Emergency Room last night', I knew there’s trouble ahead. But fortunately, she added: ‘I am feeling way better, Hopefully tomorrow I will feel no more pain.’ 

 Cardi B, whos

e real name is Belcalis Almanzar, in addition, posted a close-up photo of her arm wearing a hospital bracelet but which she has then deleted the image this Thursday morning. It appears that the 'I Like It' crooner has been reportedly returned back home and she is back to her usual self feeling strong and healthy. She has shared a meme of Donald Duck in bed with the caption: ‘When you’re hungry but all the food in the house needs to be cooked'. Cardi has been said to be fortunately to be on the mend, She added: ‘Mood right f*****g now.’ 

 Cardi B, who is now 27 years of age, has been recently outspoken about the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks with regular outburst about Covid-19. In one of her Instagram video, the 27 years old rapper said: ‘Let me tell y’all motherf***ers something. I don’t know what the f*** this coronavirus is about. I don’t understand how that s*** was from Wuhan, China now all of a sudden this s*** is on motherf***ing tour. ‘And let me tell y’all something, I ain’t even gonna front. A b**** is scared, a little scared. You know what I’m saying. S*** got me panicking. And now you mother f***ers think it’s a joke.’ She added: ‘If you’re wondering why your motherf***ing weave or your Fashionnova motherf***ing packages haven’t arrived, guess what b**** – coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, s*** is getting real, it’s getting real.’  


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