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Apr 28, 2020

Sparkvibez talk of the day

Welcome to todays talk of the day,we are delibrating on the pandemic situations in which we meet ourselves in the world especially in our precious country NIGERIA.
we have been experiencing lockdown situation n this pandemic situation in which we found ourselves in,since the beginning of this year.Now most nigeria are complaining about so many lapses in the economy of our dear country,most people are complaining of hunger due to the lockdown,student are complaining of not resuming and also businessman and woman are complaining of loss of profit on there various businesses.what are we going to do?
Coronavirus as not been reduced since the first 14days lockdown in the country instead it is increasing day by day.Government has now order foods for the citizens of the country by releasing the foodstuff seized by the customs officer,now people are still complaining that the government is trying to kill them ''the rice given to us by government is killing us because it has all expired"this comes out from a citizen of this country.
In a report given this morning the rice has been killing so many people in different states in the country.
How Buhari's Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari's, Private Treatment ...

Abba kyari the chief of staff to president buhari was also reported to be tested positive for coronavirus on 30th of march 2020 and was declare dead on 17th of april 2020,many people like that are already falling of this deadly virus{may his soul rest in perfect peace}
Now comes to the educational aspect of it student are complaining of been tired of staying at home,what did the commissioner for education says about this
Who is the minister of education in Nigeria? ▷
Minister for education mal.Adamu Adamu has earlier declared that there is no precise date for the resumption date for the students for now,and he clearly stated that those people that are saying that they will resume by november is toally wron it a rumour.therefore all student should staysafe in there parent house.

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