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May 11, 2020

If Your Girlfriend Do These 4 Things, She'll Soon Dump You

If Your Girlfriend Do These 4 Things, She'll Soon Dump You

Relationships can be fun and cool when the love hormones are still flowing in the couples' bloodstream. The feeling of euphoria that accompanies a dating relationship is something that makes people in one, to be scared of break-ups, especially the vulnerable partners.

However, it's quite unfortunate that the spark that ignites a relationship doesn't burn long enough, as most dating relationships don't stand the test of time.

Most often, when things go awry in a relationship, the straw that breaks the camel's back usually come from the guys, before the ties get broken finally. Well, there are few instances when the ties get broken from the lady. I'm a living testimony to that table. It was a bitter pill for me to swallow, but I overcame the heartbreak, so will you.

Anyways, in this article, I'll be telling your four things to look for, that will alert you that your girlfriend will soon break-up with you, anytime soon. 

They're listed as follows:

1. She Won't Pick Your Calls:

Ladies are known to be attention mongers. They don't mind if you call them a thousand times daily. It's one of their distinct love languages. But if she stop picking your calls, or she tell you flimsy excuses to miss your calls, it's very likely that she's no longer attached to you, and will soon call it quits very soon. 

From my personal experience, I observed that my ex-girlfriend doesn't pick her calls, and when she finally do, she'll give me stupid excuses like she was watching a movie when my call came in, and the likes. It dawned on me, back then, that this girl is taking me for granted, before she finally broke up with me, about a month later.

2. She Sends One-Letter Texts:

If your girlfriend start sending you one-letter texts while you send longer sentences to her, during chatting conversations, you should be worried, most especially if she wasn't doing that, as the time you guys started dating. Be ware!!

3. She Won't Initiate Conversations:

If your girl doesn't call or text you first, start preparing your heart for a break-up. Ladies are known to love chatting and gisting, but if your girl is initiating the gists, you should be worried something hurtful is coming your way.

4. She Gives You The Cold Treatment:

This is the most obvious sign. If your girl no longer care about you, the things you do or anything that pertains to you, it's what we call the cold treatment. Even your intuitions will tell you something is not right. So, don't lose yourself when you notice this from her. You'll surely meet someone better, out there.

In conclusion, I don't need to talk much, you should not fret when she does these things. Just be informed that your present subscription will expire, anytime soon. Don't be heartbroken!

What other signs does a lady show when she wants to dump a guy? Your opinions will be respected in the comments section. Thanks for reading!


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