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May 25, 2020

OPINION: The Reason Behind The Incessant Lockdown In Rivers State

OPINION: The Reason Behind The Incessant Lockdown In Rivers State


Some of us have decided to live a life of truth. As a natural societal gadlfy, it is my duty to unravel the truth at all times. Fortunately for me, no one can say I belong to this or that party. My concern is the well-being of Rivers State. Now to the issue at hand.  

Without mincing words, I want to inform everyone that the noise about Executive Order and protracted lockdown in PHALGA and OBALGA, Rivers State, are not due to Covid-19: it simply enables the Government to obstruct the function of companies in the state. 

The affected companies, having been obstructed, will apply for waiver. Yes, these companies need government waiver to continue operation. Do you understand why our governor was furious at the Deputy Commissioner of Police some weeks ago? The man was spoiling the business by issuing PASS. Waiver and PASS must come from the Rivers State Government alone. It is at the point of application for waiver that the Rivers State Government unleashes. Hahahaha! You have got to pay attention to this, fellows. Let us continue.  

When companies apply for waiver amidst the lockdown, the government armtwists them into parting with huge sums as their support for the fight against the ghost called Covid-19. Yeah, the government reaps so much from each of the affected companies through this. In our state, corporate organizations are tactically forced to support a nonexistent fight against a nonexistent virus (that is actually bacteria). A lot of us are fooled; but some of us are not. We know that the lockdown is not in our interest: it is a money-spinning venture. In other words, our government has discovered its own GOLD MINE.  

And while we are shut in, the administrator of our Brick House is busy acquiring properties in our state. Even properties that had been seized for many years have been acquired; a massive borrow pit is being sandfilled with sharp sand - you are left to imagine what it costs to sandfill a massive burrow pit with sharp sand. The popular Ikwokwu Spare Parts Market will remain shut down. Do you know why? The traders stopped the Mayor of Port Harcourt (our governor's paddy man) from molesting people. O yes! That is their crime. Besides, the government expects the rich traders to "do something". You know what I mean, don't you? Ikwokwu traders have not "done something" yet. They either "do something" or remain at home. 

Everybody must "do something" in Rivers State. Covid-19 will not leave Rivers State until we all "do something" to support the government. A-ha! I can see that you guys understand the drill now! The Federal Government of Nigeria did not "do something," so the government is proving they can get "something" on their own. I wonder whether the "do something" business will continue when the FGN relaxes the economic constrictions. I urge everyone to "do something" so that the lockdown can end in Rivers State.  

It is well with us all. The real monsters we have are in our various state government houses. That is the bitter truth, fellows. I have stopped talking about Abuja. My attention is on my state government. Finally, are we still going to have another TERM of lockdown now that our NCDC has graciously admitted that there is no record of any case in Nigeria in the past 24 hours? Will the Rivers State movie continue now that the national movie is on the brink of ending?

What do you think of this article?

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