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May 31, 2020

School's may not reopen in June due to the following reasons.

School's may not reopen in June due to the following reasons.

School's have been rumoured to be open in June but , the factors that may influence such, decision haven't surfaced.
The numbers keep increasing daily, when I say number I mean number of cases, and deaths it is increasing with massive speed, in this type of situation , the government may not reopen schools in June schools attract large crowd of people, most especially in the tertiary institutions, the number of people in a university alone , can quickly increase the spread, if a person , who has the disease , within the school premesis.
For the universities, if schools are reopened by the government , the Asuu strike still lingers , even after the lockdown has been called off, many writers rose the hope of students all over the country that schools might likely open in June , with the situation remaining stagnant and even becoming worse , I don't see that happening.
Even if the federal government want to reopen schools , the NCDC , have to come in, but the chances of them agreeing to this are very slim cause they are trying to control , the spread, here but reopening schools will make that impossible, to accomplish.
School's are very essential to the country's growth but in this case, the issues of schools opening would have to wait, till the situation at least reduces, is really unfortunate that students have to stay at home for this long, it breaks their IQ level drop rapidly , but it's kind of for everyone's benefit no parent wants to mourn for their kids if they contact the virus.
Due to these reasons schools might not open in June , even if federal government wanted too they have to consider the situation at hand. Before making any drastic decisions, thanks for reading this post please leave your opinions and views on this issues.

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