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May 27, 2020

Why must you promote your songs

Why must you promote your songs?

These artist questions will be answer here,
To start with:

1.popularity: as an artist you should or let me say you must promote your songs to gain more popularity on social network and also in a reality world,but most of our artist do some mistake in the sense that they think by uploading a song to a website or two websites will bring popularity to them which is a capital no,pay your blogger to promote your songs on more than 50 websites as an upcoming artist,then you chill and expect something, whenever you upload on site try your possible best to follow up with sharing of the websites link to social media.

2.Fame:yes fame is another thing you get from promoting your songs,your songs own the popularity while you own the fame,when you produce a nice and awesome songs or rap,and you upload it on different websites, whenever people download the song,they will be willing to know the artist behind this song there by involving you to mix with so many people and artist around your environment and other environment.having fame is not a day job or just a song uploading,when you upload your albums,tracks in different versions,and having a nice tune and content you get your fame from your die hard fans happily.

3.To earn money:yes you upload on website or promote your songs to earn money,but let me remind you that not the blogger or website will earn you money,when you gain your popularity and people begin to call you,sign different contract deals with you,base on the song you realeased, earning money is not the most important when you are just an upcoming artist,let your popularity be the first on your heart, without been popular you're just kidding yourselves.

3.To gain a good record label:Yes u promote your songs to gain a good record label for your self,as a artist u don't need to rush or fear when producing your music,when you gat a very good producer then you are good to go,to gain a good record label it doesn't depends on your blogger,yes your blogger may promote your songs,hype your songs on different websites, social platforms even tagging along the high ranking artist but when your songs do not involve any reasonable content,beat,sound you are just wasting your time,to produce a song as an upcoming artist make sure u have a good content inside the song,if it a rap,let the rhymes be very much okay,and if it is just a song let it be a vibez melodius song so that anybody that listen or download the song will be forced to sign you up for a record deal.


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