7Lies women tell and How you can identify them

7Lies women tell and How you can identify them

1 I Will Think About It: When she says this,don't believe her , she won't think of anything,if she likes you,she will tell you, but if she doesn't,she will tell you to give her.thereby making you running after her.

2 I Don't Have a Phone: If she doesn't like you and you approached her for the first time, she would tell you that she doesn't have a phone, because she doesn't want to associate with you.

3 I Didn't Know my Phone was Ringing , its was on silent : If she doesn't like you ,she will try as much as possible to ignore your call,snub you and act innocently ,like she doesn't know what you are saying.

4 I am Not in The Mood: sometimes,if she want to frustrate you, after spending heavily on her,she will refuse to satisfy you.

5 We are Just Friends: After trying so hard for her to agree, she will introduce you to her girlfriend has her friend.

6 I Can't Finish the Food: When you take her to a restaurant ,she will pretend,eat well and will eat small quantity & will tell you,she can't finish the food, those are little forming skills.

7 When she tells You she isn't Hurting: When she says this , believe me ,she's hurting deep down,she's lonely,she quiet. She just needs you but she wouldn't want to bother you with her problems.

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