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Jun 22, 2020

I never said Nigerian boyfriends cannot afford me ― Richie Demorest

I never said Nigerian boyfriends cannot afford me ― Richie Demorest

Instagram sensation and brand influencer, known as Richie Demorest ( @richie_demorest) found herself on the wrong side of bloggers some couple of days ago when a certain blog site reported that she granted an interview where she stated that Nigerian boyfriends cannot afford her because she’s very expensive.
The report, which she has since disclaimed, claims her daily upkeep costs over 170 thousand naira.
The story went viral on almost all social platforms, much to the dismay of the Instagram sensation, whose only guilt could as well be posting many beautiful and sexy pictures on her Instagram page.
“It’s quite disheartening. I saw a lot of negative comments on Facebook. I felt like crying and the worst comments were coming from ladies. It’s quite unfortunate that someone out there will just wake up and decide to publish fake news about me,” she said in a chat with Potpourri, reacting to the viral story.
“I don’t have any connection to that story. The story is totally fake,” she added.
Richie Demorest, whose real name is Rich Elijah is from Akwa Ibom State. She’s the only child of her parents. She grew up in Aba with her grandma. She’s a student and lives in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. She uses her Instagram page to promote brands and sells female wears and men beard oil.
When asked how men react to her beautiful pictures on Instagram, she said, “ I get a lot of cool comments from my fans … they tell me how beautiful I am with nice curves. And I get negative comments too; some guys calling me Ashawo because I failed to reply their DMs.”
Richie has well over 150 thousand followers on Instagram and she has an endorsement deal with Tehila Fashion Home.

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