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Jun 9, 2020

Let’s end rape, racism, social injustice in Nigeria, world – Adodo Eddy Osaman

Let’s end rape, racism, social injustice in Nigeria, world – Adodo Eddy Osaman

In the light of the recent global events, a lot of people are calling for the end of racism, social injustice, inequality, discrimination. Amongst them is Adodo Eddy Osaman – a Nigerian Training Specialist in Canada and an Advocate for Education and Youth Development. Osaman spoke with Vanguard Newspapers today. His words:
”All over the world, there’s a lot of chaos and pain. In the western world, there’s racism, police brutality and discrimination. In Africa you see cases of rape on the rise with discrimination against the female folk and inequality in the society. While you see people being wrongly profiled and brutalized by the police from one end, you see rape and minors being defiled on the other.
The pandemic, the death of George Floyd and the death of Uwa and other victims of racism, rape and social injustice will forever change the dynamics of the world. Things will never remain the same anymore.
While we as Nigerians talk about racism in the western world, we should never forget that there is infact racism within our country. Tribalism in itself is a form of racism. We still see parents and families refusing marriages between their children because the other person is from another tribe. These things have to stop! We should be wiser by now!
I have several friends and agencies from several parts of the world who have been on the cause for the fight against racism, rape, social injustice and discrimination – amongst them is Jo Mittermeir (Germany), Anuoluwapo Eunice (USA), Precious Oruche (Nigeria), Odunze Ebere (Nigeria), Future Africa Initive, The Heritage Project (Nigeria), Prestigious Talkshow (Canada) and many more.
These are people and agencies from several backgrounds, some of whom are not even black people at all. Some are working so hard to end racism, whilst others are fighting against rape, social injustice and discrimination in our communities. Even Governments and CEOs of Multinational Corporations have risen to stand for the Black Movement as well.
We all know that the Mayor of Washington DC (Muriel Bowser) made a section of the road leading to the White House to be painted “Black Lives Matter” and that that section of the road has been renamed to “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.
This is good news, but the fight is far from over. Yesterday the CEO of Amazon (Jeff Bezos) showed the world the emails he has been receiving from angry white folks because of the “Black Lives Matter” banner on Amazon.
This shows that we have to keep fighting for what’s right. There are people who still don’t understand that “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean “Other lives don’t matter”. It simply means that we the black race have had enough. It is time for us to come together and end racism and rape, while we promote equality, peace, love and all that’s good for mankind”.
“The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the very moment we loose our humanity”

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