people's view in extension on lockdown blessing n covid-19.

People Talk: Extension of COVID-19 curfew, reopening of worship centres
“The extension of curfew will have no impact on stopping Covid-19 because it falls within the time people are usually indoors. Critical areas of the economy are what the FG should look into.
“Also, the FG should call the attention of the Nigerian Police to stop using the curfew as an excuse to harass and extort people.” —Tawakalitu Bolanle, Entrepreneur
“The extension of the curfew is necessary as it will help Nigerians to maintain social distancing in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
“All the adjustments made are also important especially for the masses who struggle endlessly to make ends meet.”
Olamilekan Babatunde, Actor
“Obviously the world is adapting to the pandemic and other countries are also taking steps to control the spread while giving people free movement.
“So, if Nigeria is taking the same step as other countries, it’s a good decision for all but I doubt if Nigerians will adhere to this instruction of 10pm-4 am curfew.” — Adeleke Toluwani, Analyst

“The extension of curfew for another four weeks to stop the spread coronavirus is good but I doubt if it will go down well with some Nigerians.
“Government is trying its best and I think whatever is necessary for the virus to be stopped should be done.” —Stephen Iyanuoluwa, Student
“A 10pm – 4am curfew is a better idea to help fix the falling economy caused by the total lockdown and early evening curfew. 4:00am – 9:59pm is a good time for businesses to operate after all half bread is better than none.
“I just pray everything bounces back to normal real quick.” — Sinabio Abraham, Entrepreneur
“The new curfew is normal because other countries have been observing social distancing and are very careful in handling Covid-19 cases, so why should our own be different?
“The 20pm to 4am curfew should remain as it is while churches, mosques and schools should remain shut.” — Precious Samson, Stylist

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