Types of Girlfriend based on their birth Month

Types of Girlfriend based on their birth Month

Ladies naturally have some perculiar things about them that the male folks who understands them can easily relate to. And at the same time, there are somethings about a lady that is somewhat perculiar to her birth month or horoscopic characteristics.

Based on horoscopic characteristics which is usually based on the month she was born. A man should be on the look out of these traits based on the month she was born;
These characteristics are as follows;

1. Girlfriends born in the month of January.

Girlfriends born in this month are usually very stubborn, so obstinate, and don't easily bulge. A girlfriend born in this month, seeks for attention and also attracts attention be it positive or negative.
She's so ambitious, and very good at motivating her man, and is usually overly stubborn when her boyfriend tries to advise her on what to do. She feels it's her life, and there shouldn't be a boss or a captain to tell her how to live her life.
She is somewhat very organized, orderly, and so much dislikes it when her man or boyfriend tends to move her stuffs from where she expects it to be. She doesn't like that....lol

2. Girlfriends born in the month of February

These category of girlfriend are the jumpy types. In the sense that, as a boyfriend, you will never get to find or keep them in a place for long.
They like travelling, going out, and exploring new places. They are the type of girlfriend that loves hanging out more in recreation places, and what have you. And if as a boyfriend you cannot keep up, they find one who can, sorry...lol.

3. Girlfriends born in the month of March

Girlfriends who fall in this category, are very romantic and affectionate. They are kind of generous, sensitive, and trustworthy. And are very keen to their man/boyfriend's emotions.
They are usually not so reserved or quiet. They love putting almost all their shits out there for the world to see. This type of girlfriend would want the world to know what's going on in her life, and most times in her relationship in a stylish sort of way.
However, when she's so madly in love, she doesn't joke with her man. She's focused, determined, and hard working. But most times pretend to be something different by portraying what's not to the world to see.

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4. Girlfriends born in the month of April

A girlfriend who falls into this category tends to be independent. She's usually friendly, blunt, and intelligent. She's not a type of girl who jumps into anything or goes for anyone.
She takes her time to select her choice of partner. And not a type of girlfriend who easily trust her partner, she takes her time in a keenly manner before completely opening up to her man/partner.

5. Girlfriends born in the month of May

Girlfriends that falls in the month of May are most times, so hard to read their next move. They do not take nonsense and are very disciplined and most times stingy with their stuffs.

she most times do not lay out her plans for all to see or for her man to know what exactly she's up to until she's done. She loves it wen her man encourages her and brings out the best she's made of.
She's very calculative, and tends to most of the time, know her partners move or what he is up to. She loves to be carried along by her partner, whenever he is up to something unlike her though....lol

6. Girlfriends born in the month of June

June girlfriend are somewhat intuitive, romantic, affectionate, so loving and caring. But most times, they try by all means not to show it.
June girlfriends have a way of bottling up their emotions, in the sense that they don't easily show they are jealous or they really care. But they are good in terms of being a source of help to their partners. They are sometimes very moody, and easily snap and withdraws from their partners if things don't go as they expected.
And would do their possible best not to let their partner down. They are also hardworking, very intelligent, calm in situations, and are fun and life of the party. They are very interesting as well, and have very great personality.

7. Girlfriends born in the month of July

This category of girlfriend, are calm, easy going, do not like trouble or like to be bothered. They are most times secretive, and are careful with the things they do and say because they hate trouble or making someone who is close to them angry.
They are very forgiving, but tends to keep the details of every wrong done or committed. And to keep it as a reminder as to how to handle the relationship with their partner. They are also intelligent in their own ways, and just love been alone most times.

8. Girlfriends born in the month of August

They are so blunt and somewhat outspoken to the core. They are very observant and are very confident. They love fun and don't like dull moments. But they are somewhat not those who are overly attached, they didn't really care what others think about them.
August girlfriends, love being themselves around their partners. Without looking at what others would say about them. They are egoistic, but are generous when they need to be, and would easily try to listen to their partner.
And they don't force any kind or relationship or friendship if their man is not giving them or returning the same emotions they are giving out.

9. Girlfriends born in the month of September

September girlfriends are the most loving, caring, affectionate partner any guy could ask for. They are most times perfectionist. And are so organized, neat, are classic and great fashionistas. They are so loyal and very picky and choosy with their choice of a partner.
This is because this category of girlfriend have very high standard for who they fall in love with or say yes to in relationships. They most times seek for a man who would completely commit to them and who has some high level of maturity as them.
She so so generous and love to spoil the love of her life with all the good things she can afford and that, are at her disposal. She usually take it upon herself to guide and gladly groom her man, by helping him to follow the good path.
She loves the fairytale kind of happy ending. And would always put in her best to get what she wants. But can be the meanest once she perceives she's being taken for granted.

10. Girlfriends born in the month of October

This category of girlfriend are so manipulative, somehow controlling, and loves to be in charge. She loves it when her man worships her, and makes her feel he cannot live without her, or that she's the best thing that has ever happened to him.
She's very fashionable, and loves going out, and exploring new things. She is also generous when need be, and can also be stingy too, when the need arises. She has a big heart and always want to make those around her smile. She tends to always have a positive views about life generally.
She is most times easily influenced by what she sees, and most times looses focus. But yet she's optimistic, tries to avoid trouble, and is peaceful as much as she can.

11. Girlfriends born in the month of November

This category of girlfriend is as steady as a stagnant water....lol. They seem unwavering and appear nonchalant about things. They are somewhat outspoken and love to always express themselves.
They are very analytical about things, and are very understanding as well when it comes to issues they need to sort out. They can be very unforgiving and can be verbally rude,and saucy and witty about things. They are also very fun to be with, and their partner never gets a dull moment around them.

12. Girlfriends born in the month of December

December girlfriends are very impatient, yet can be very calm. They are generous and are always up and doing. They love trying new things and are out going and exploring new things and adventures.
They try as much as possible to also avoid trouble, but when they've had enough of their partner taking them for granted, they can be very mean and repulsive.
Which type of a girlfriend are you??
Thanks for reading.

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