Women beautify my craft but don’t inspire it -Singer, NotFemii

Women beautify my craft but don’t inspire it -Singer, NotFemii
For budding and enterprising US-based Nigerian singer and student, Olusegun Femi Adeyemo, popularly known as NotFemii, while he may claim women don’t actually inspire him, there are telltale signs they play a big role, not only in his evolution but also his progression as a music star for the future.
“Women don’t inspire me, God does. Although women are beautiful in many ways and can also help beautify my craft but my inspiration comes from many other sources, women being just one of them, like the past stories from my past relationships, but ultimately my major inspiration comes from God,” he said in a recent interview.
“I wrote “Uncomfortable” my debut single for a girl I was having issues with back then. And my second single “Wanting more” is about girls that are not contented, girls that always want more,” he added.

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NotFemii is presently an undergraduate of Morgan State University, Maryland, USA. He is uncannily blessed with the ability to play any song on almost any musical instruments as long as he hears it.
According to him, he started music when he was just 8 in primary school. Even as at that time he could play various musical instruments. But professionally, music started for him in 2017. His first single titled “Uncomfortable” was produced by him. The beat for the song, as he said, was produced in his room and sent to friends for mixing and mastering. And when the song dropped family and friends knew a star was born.
The first single was originally released in 2018 but refixed and eventually released on March 20, 2019. He followed up the good work with another single “Wanting More” in December 25, 2019, and his third single, “Angie” featuring Dremo dropped April 17, 2020. It was mixed and mastered by Reverb.

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