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Jul 5, 2020

15 Love Tips That Will Make Your Relationship To Last Long

15 Love Tips That Will Make Your Relationship To Last Long

1. Look neat. Keep yourself well groomed and in shape. If you want to get a woman to like you, basic cleanliness and appearance are extremely important. Girls notice things like bad breath, flab, body odour and greasy hair before they notice that winning personality. 

2. Make her laugh. Telling jokes or funny stories is a classic way to make a person laugh, but not the only way.

3. Always be yourself. Don't be someone you're not. Girls always appreciate it when you're honest with them about who you are.

4. Treat her with respect. Don't talk trash about other people while you're with her. If you do, it will give her the impression that you are a jerk. 

5. Be confident! Nobody wants a guy who acts unsure of himself. But don't become so full of yourself that you come across as cocky or stuck up.

6. When you have an argument with your partner, try to listen properly to their point of view without interrupting them. You’ll get your turn.

7. If your partner gets jealous, try to talk to him or her about it at a quiet moment. Why does he or she get jealous? What can you do to help prevent it?

8. If you have a minor argument with your partner, try not to involve other people like friends or family. Their interference might create a bigger problem.

9. Remember, every couple argues sometimes. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of the relationship. If it’s about a minor issue, talk about it right away.

10. To maintain a good relationship, surprise each other. Send a romantic text message, or a little unexpected present.

11. Make your wife or girlfriend feel good by letting her know how much you like being with her and spending time together.

12. If the person you like doesn’t respond, give them space. Their feelings for you could grow.

13. There’s a difference between liking someone and being in love with someone. When you like someone, you’re not necessarily in love with him or her.

14. Of course your partner loves the way you look anyway, but if you feel insecure about something, talk about it. He or she can reassure you.

15. Look at her and smile back, usually a girl who likes you will look at you a lot especially if you two are in a class together. 

16. If something’s upsetting you in your relationship, talk to your partner about it. It’s unhealthy to bottle things up.

17. Give her unexpected kisses.And once you're kissing, make sure you give her a kiss every time you see her without making her feel neglected.

18. Make time for romance.Let her know that you're thinking about her when you're apart.

19. Remember important information like birthday's, holidays and promises to hang out. 

20. Remember you can learn from a break-up as well. You might do things differently in a next relationship so that one will be better and long-lasting.

There maybe other Tips, kindly ponder and let me have your comment

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