2 Things You Should Never Do While Sleeping With Your Wife

2 Things You Should Never Do While Sleeping With Your Wife

Intimacy is very important, and we all know it plays a salient role in a marriage that can't be overlooked. But when you and your wife are sleeping together, there are some things you are not expected to do.

Getting intimate with your wife should not be seen as being stressful or strenuous, or to be seen as a task that you must do. You both need to understand that it's part of the process of becoming a proper family, and it should be done in love and with so much joy.

You should know by now that sleeping with your wife is part of the works of nature, it's the reason you get aroused when you see your wife in that bikini, it's as a result of the hormones you have in your body. But this interesting natural activity can become so irritating and disgusting if you continue to do these two things that I would mention and explain in this article.

1. Don't Fart

How can you be sleeping with your wife and then you fart? It's so unnecessary and unethical, it's a habit that shouldn't be seen in a grown-up man. If you have this habit of uncontrolled fart, it's better you drop it and discipline yourself. If you don't, Your may stop responding to you anytime you feel like sleeping with her.

2. Don't belch

Some people don't see this habit as being bad, they think it's normal to just belch anywhere and at anytime. But it's an irritating habit that you need to drop, especially once you have a wife. You can't be kissing your wife and still belch at the same time, so drop that habit.

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