3 Reasons Why Men Should Marry A Virgin

3 Reasons Why Men Should Marry A Virgin

Never settle for less as a man. Why settling for an unkempt meal when you can actually get a better one. In this post, I will be showing my readers three reasons men should marry virgin.

Who is a virgin? A virgin is a woman who has not have any knowledge of a man.

Do we still have virgins in our society? Yes, they exist only that they are hard to find

Can we have more virgin in our society? Yes, by changing our value systems and returning to the good old days.

Back to my reasons, kindly do well to read and share with other men. They are as follow

1. It shows discipline

A lady who at marriage is still a virgin shows how disciplined she is and thus will make a better half.

2. There will be trust

Meeting your woman as a virgin means you can trust her with anything. Keeping herself till marriage speaks a lot

3. She is cultured

A well trained girl will do everything to keep herself till marriage

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