3 ways to easily figure out if she is a virgin

3 ways to easily figure out if she is a virgin.

3 ways to tell if she is a virgin.

The term virgin is always used for something pure, something void of exploitation or has not been stained at all,I hope you can now understand what it means for a lady to be a virgin, it means she hasn't had any form of Intercourse ever since she was born till she gets deflowered by her lawfully weded husband. Nowadays we hardly see virgins anymore, they have all been exploited and used which has saddened the heart of most men who yearn for virgins, many men fall into the wrong hands some ladies claim they are pure only to find out on the wedding night that they have been plunged several times. After reading this article you will forget having to deal with women who are not pure again, 3 ways have been outlined on how you can identify them.

Note: Virgins are like needles, you hardly find them because they are rare and difficult to get.

1. Based on how she interacts, her interactions means a lot of she speaks in an illicit manner then you can be able to decode that she isn't pure , but if she's gentle and pure in the way she speaks go for her!

2. Based on her dressing, nowadays you will see ladies dressing to kill, drsssing to destroy that should portray to you that they are not brought up from a good home, look for a lady that dresses decently, if you check well you will see she's pure.

3. Based on her demands and attitude, if she start showing some negative attitude towards you or try to get you to be with her then you must know what kind of lady she is.

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