How To Know When a Lady Don't Like You But Pretend They Do

How To Know When a Lady Don't Like You But Pretend They Do

It has been long,i kept this write-up away from you guys,i can not longer keep the fact away from you guys,i know,not all people will like this post,but if it touch you then change for good,these are the ways to know:

(1) They find it difficult to call you.

(2) They will never spend more than 20 to 25 seconds when they call you with their credit.

(3) When you call them,they are always busy & promise to call you later which is till next year.

(4) They are always bold & serious when they demand something from you like that thing is nothing.

(5) They easily get mad at you for a little thing.

(6) You have to give them gift before forgiving you.

(7) They will start touching you & calling you sweet names when they want something from you.

(8) They can never be serious & ask you for forgiveness when they even go wrong.

(9) They always want you to take them out & spend money on them.

(10) They will leave you when you are broke & come back when you have the money.

(11) Even when you are broke,they will never assist you.

(12) They will never tell you a secret.

(13) They can never stay with you for more than 1 or 2 hrs.

(14) They play with your heart,thinking you can do without them.

(15) They find it very difficult to reply your facebook,whatsapp & phone sms.

(16They will always asking you for airtem & money,they will be demanding for money as if they give you money to keep for them...

With this view points,i choose to stop here.

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