I entered my wife's room without knocking, what I saw shock me to the bone

I entered my wife's room without knocking, what I saw shock me to the bone

Many things are happening even in some homes.

My name is Victor am 25years and am a very successful business man,I am married to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life,her name is Victoria and she very beautiful to the extend people in our company can't get their eye off her,I love my wife so much I can do anything for her.

We are married for 2years now and I have been having this problem with her, each time I tell my wife to come and sleep in my room she will refuse,I don't know why but I love my wife so much it doesn't matter to me.

This thing keep happening for the past 2years of our marriage,one day I asked her why she don't like sleeping in my room she got angry and let the house,I just kept quiet because I don't want anything to affects our marriage,I try asking her Friends to help me talk to her but things got even worst, then I decided to seek help from a friend.

My friend advice me on what to do,so tried it.

One day as usual I told my wife am going to work but it's a not true,it was the plan of my friend,I have to lie to her but I was actually going to my friend's house where we decided to meet for the plan.

After a while we want back to my house and everywhere was Calm as if there was no one at home,so we want to my wife's room only to see the biggest shock of our lives.

In front of my wife was my picture on the ground with red cloths on it with Calabash tied up with red cloths,and my wife was dressed up in red dress.

I can't believe what am seeing,my friend was speechless,then she started asking me for forgiveness,she said she was doing it for the good of my business.

Am confused right now I don't know what to do please advise me on what to do.

Don't forget I love my wife so much.

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