Ladies Never Tell A Guy These Secrets

Ladies Never Tell A Guy These Secrets

Falling in love is a good, no grown up person would ever stay without the desire to fall in love or goes out with friends. Love started in the Bible, when God created Eve as an help meat to Adam. It is also posited that man shall leave his family to meet a new lady from a total stranger, and the two shall become husband and wife.

Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states , from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure. More expatiation would prove it that the love a man has for his wife or girlfriend is different from the love of his or her parents, from the love someone has for food, from the love a person has for fashion and beauty.

While falling in love, there are certain things that lovers should keep in secret, as a lady, you do not have to tell everything about yourself to a guy, just to prove that you are truthful or otherwise. As a lady, never tell your guy these secrets:

Do not tell your guy about your former sex life, you don't have to let him know anything related to this. Telling him how many people you have dated and how you spent time with them might endanger the relationship, he would always take his mind there even when you are satisfying him.

Do not tell the guy you are dating anything about his characteristics or performance on the sofer, when you open up to him that he is not doing well on that aspect, or that he cannot last on it, you are hurting him. You are telling him to look for someone that is of his level. He would start looking at you as a flirt and would never wish to settle with you.

Do not tell any guy your family background, don't tell him what your family is going through, or how your mother was not truthful to your dad, or how your parents are fighting. This will not speak good of you.

Do not allow him to know that you have secret savings, if he is not a guy that wants to settle with you, he would finish your money, remember what happened in "Acrimony."

Do not tell a guy that his friends are better than him, it hurts so much, telling a guy this will make him to start hating his friends, with the thoughts that you have been making out with them.

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