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Jul 13, 2020

Manchester United draw against Southampton

Manchester United against Southampton
manchester United played there 35 game in Premier league at old Trafford which latter results to draw between the two teams, Manchester United vs Southampton, Manchester United team which is running towards the top four on the premier league table in which there position is number 5 with 59 point,and also Southampton are also striving to reach the top of the table.
Manchester United coach ole Solskjaer which said earlier today that the match will be more competitive against Southampton because he is going to make sure he wins the match,all efforts of the team to win was been abbortive by the defenders of the Southampton.
Let review some of the fans comment about this match also
united fans are so depressed and sad about this match because the top 4 will now be a little tough between the 3 clubs which are Chealsea, Leicester city and Manchester United

Kindly use the comment box on whatever you view about Manchester United finishing in the top 4 thereby qualifying for the champions league.

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