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Jan 31, 2021

Why Cristiano Ronaldo not wearing long sleeve clothe in juventus? Sparkvibez

Why Christiano Ronaldo not wearing long sleeve shirt in Juventus?
Christiano Ronaldo is a well know star player which has played in three legends team which are Manchester United,Real Madrid,and currently in Juventus
        We all notice that he loves wearing long sleeve shirt from all his formal team but now change to short sleeve in Juventus.
Some throwbacks in Manchester United:
Also in real Madrid
during our researches we found out that:

Ronaldo has always had a preference for long-sleeved jerseys. But it’s a preference, and not a demand.

I can’t cite a source, but I one point I read how he explained it’s to prevent from getting turf burns on his arms while playing.

I’d suspect two other reasons come into play: The weather, and style.

While offering no criticism of him as a player, Cristiano Ronaldo is a very vain man who takes enormous care of his looks, from his waxed eyebrows to his perfectly cut and colored hair to his magnificent abs. I would strongly suspect he thinks he looks better in long sleeves than in short sleeves. And I would also strongly suspect that there are millions of women, and no small number of men, around the world who agree with him.

So, why has he switched to short sleeves since joining Juventus? It has certainly been chilly enough in Turin, and elsewhere in Italy, over the past few weeks to merit long sleeves. And as it gets cooler, I strongly suspect we’ll see him use a long-sleeved jersey. Meanwhile, I think the reason for the switch is more simple: new team, new look

From your opinion let know the reason why he has chosen to be wearing short sleeve


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