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Jun 9, 2021

Breaking!!!77 schools lock up ICT facilities over lack of skill — Osun Education Commissioner

Breaking!!!77 schools lock up ICT facilities over lack of skill — Osun Education Commissioner
About 77 public schools in Osun locked up its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities as teachers in the school’s lacked proper skills to manage the centres.

This was disclosed by the Commissioner for Education in the State, Hon. Oladoyin Folorunsho while addressing newsmen at a Ministerial press briefing held at the Minister of Information and Civic Orientation.

He disclosed that some of the facilities have been laying fallow since 2010 as teachers lacked ICT knowledge to use the facilities while students did not realise its usefulness.

According to him, the state do not have ICT policy on education before introducing the technology into schools, hence, there is no effective use of the system.

“There was no ICT Policy on education in Osun State, Opon Imon was just brought in, teachers did not know what to do with it, students did not know the extent of its usefulness. Beyond Opon Imon, we have digital boards and others.

“Principals in public schools locked ICT equipment in 77 schools from 2010 to 2014. Some schools have 200 laptops, 300 tablets with Generators and ICT buildings. But because they don’t know what to do with them, they only use the generator in the principal office. Some schools were given 2 million gigabytes of internet acces, it expired because they did not know what to do with them.

“No less than 20 schools in Osun were given 2 million gigabytes each, but because there was no ICT policy on education in place, it all wasted. We are working on ICT policy.

We have not jettison Opon Imon we have only rested it for a while pending the time we will have well structured ICT Policy on education. We will reintroduced Opon Imon and other ICT equipment. We will redefine Opon Imon by making it a digital, audio, video teaching equipment and it will not require the internet to function”, he said.

He added that over 600 mushroom schools have been closed in the state as part of the state government effort to ensure sanity in the education sector.

“We have declared a war on mushroom schools. We have zero tolerance for quacks in the system and schools that do not meet standards. We know the danger of mushroom schools, because once anyone damages the education foundation of a child, it becomes difficult to build a solid structure on it.

“Starting from the ministry, we have reviewed our department of schools to ensure greater efficiency. We have segmented the department to supervise basic and post-basic schools.

“Anyone who wants to start a school must produce a TRCN Certificate, among other requirements. We no longer grant licenses just because someone has spare funds to spend”, he said.

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