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Jul 9, 2021

As an husband how to take care of your home

 As an husband how to take care of your home. Sparkvibes

Who is a husband?many of us have the answer to the question because will all no that a husband is the head of the house,moreover he is the father of the children and also the king in a family.

Husband has a lot of responsibility to take on other to take care of the home which includes a family,out of the responsibility of a responsible husband is to fend for what the family will eat,also not that alone,he have to care for the wife,pay children's school fees,pay so many bills in the house to avoid been disgrace.

Here are some aspect in which a husband can take care of the home.

1. Financially:as a responsible husband you have the right to take care of every financial aspect of the house and if not all you must take most, financial aspect includes feeding, house rent, school fees, clothing and other bills not mention here,I you as a husband or father didn't do this you have fail yourself as a responsible man of the house,your family must not suffer even when not convinent for you,you must try and find every way of providing for the family, that is the reason why a man must get a job before rushing into marriage.

2. Socially: as a responsible husband you must be very social at least 70% social with your family. How can you be social? This is a simple question, yes you can be social by creating time for your family to play together not to be always busy atleast once in a month take your family out to a recreational center,play with the children and have a romantic moments with your wife,don't be a type of father that will go to work as early as possible and come back late in the night to the extent that your children won't even recognize you as a father.

3. Mentally: as a husband you must be okay mentally like do not allow anything you are facing on your business,wife or parents affect your family dealings,it can scatter your home,your business talk should end at work and not using that to affect your home,yes it is normal for you to think about your business or work but it should not have bad impact on your family don't be mentally disorder due to work. And also a husband that beat his wife is classified under mentally disorder person because a correct husband must not beat his wife especially when children are around.

4. Academically: as a husband you must be academically okay,try to spend time on your children assignment once in a while,atleast let them know you are educated and try to enlighten your children in some aspect of life they need to know,teach them way of life and not only food.

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