Can you marry a female soldier

 Can you marry a female soldier. Sparkvibes 

From our perspective as a civilian we all no that military training is a tough and ruged one, and we also find females among them going through the same training as the males also, and also we are made to know that in the military they don't discriminate male from female because the both genders go through same training.
As you can see the pictures above female military are so beautiful even than most of the so called civilian ladies outside there,but the fact and the issue is that as a civilian guy or man can you marry them? won't you be afraid that one day she might wake up and strangle you to death sudden,will she be able to perform her duty as a wife in the house? 
Yes they may be dangerous but they deserve to be treated as queen also, they also deserve a matrimonial home also,they deserve to be engaged also. CAN YOU MARRY A FEMALE SOLDIER?

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