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Jul 13, 2021

Career vs Job

 CAREER VS JOB. Sparkvibes.

What is the difference between career and job?in this post we are going to be talking about what career is and what job is.

What is a career: According to the dictionary meaning "an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress"

Also career is the profession that someone does for a long period of their life. ... Your career is the part of your life that you spend working. Moreover you have to spend some days,weeks and even month in other to choose a career because a career you choose is a life time work.Career is made up of the combination of roles, experiences, education and pathways you take to achieve your goals. These are examples of careers:

Architecture and Engineering Occupations. ... 

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations. ... 

Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations. ... 

Business and Financial Operations Occupations. ... 

Community and Social Services Occupations. ... 

Computer and Mathematical Occupations e.t.c and many more.

You can choose a career and still doing another job

Coming back to what a job is:a job is a paid position of regular employment also job, employment, work or occupation, is a person's role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment. Many people have multiple jobs. A person can begin a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, starting a business, or becoming a parent.

The main difference between a job and a career isA job is more short-term oriented and tends to focus purely on earning money. ... On the other hand, a career is a series of related employment in one field that provides experience for your future and helps you earn a better paycheck and living status.

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