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Sep 23, 2021

5 things you should not exposed to wife

 5 things you should not expose to wife

Then there are several things you should keep to yourself as a man if you must make your relationship or marriage work.

Here are 5 things you should not reveal to your wife

1. Don’t

Reveal Your Total Bank Balance To Your Wife

It sounds funny, but that’s the truth no matter how you love your wife or woman, never tell them your total net worth or how much you have in your bank account. Because it might result in something else. Women tend to ask more when they notice their man is doing well or get to see his net worth. They don’t care if the money is projected for something. When a woman sees your statement of account and asks for money for feeding or other things, and you give her what you can offer at that moment, she might start feeling angry or tell you the money is not enough because she believes you have more. Issues like these have caused many misunderstandings in a marriage or relationship, so it is better you keep your bank account out of the woman you love

2. Don’t Tell her About Your Previous Sexual Relationship And How Your Ex Was So Goo

As soon as you get married, you should focus on your woman. The idea of bringing your ex memories into your present marriage or relationship won’t help you. So never tell your woman about your previous relationship or sexual life, believe me it will never end the way you expected it to. Your woman might start acting toxic, so if you love your woman, never tell her about your past relationship or the woman you dream to marry before he

3. Don’t Disclose Your Family Secrets To He

There are differences between being married and being in a relationship. You need to know the difference between my girlfriend and my wife. Your wife is now a member of the family, but your girlfriend is not till you guys are officially married. So never tell your girlfriend or woman the secret of your family. No matter how you love that woman, marriage and family secrets should never be a topic of discussion to the public or someone who is not a close family membe

4. Don’t Tell Her The Names Of The Woman You Wanted To Marry Before She Shows U

Women can be loving or toxic. It depends on you as a man. There are some little mistakes we make in a relationship or marriage that kill our love life. Some men make the mistake of telling their wife every single thing about them, even if you are in love with your wife. Never disclose the names of women you tend to marry before she

shows u

5. Don’t Promise And Fai

Women hate it when their men promise and fail or change their minds. As a man, promise what you can offer at that moment. Never make a promise to your woman when you are very happy or sad and don’t promise what you can’t afford.l.p.p.r.r.r.d... e;

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