How to check waec result online

 How will you check your waec result online with some easy steps. Am going to tell you some steps to go through if you want to check your waec result online in other to afford extra charges from outsiders.

1. Get your waec card with you

This is a typical example of the card given to you in your school or at the center you registered for your waec, to get your results check online you must get this with you because your exam number will be needed.

2. Visit this link check result 

Once you click the above link then it will leads you to the official government page for waec checking which look like this

3. Buy a checker scratch card.                                               You are going to make a purchase of the scratch card you will use in other to have access to the pin and serial number to check your results online.

4.Fill the appropriate information.                                     
This is where your card I mentioned above will be needed, you will have to fill in some of the information on the card to the website like: Examination number, year of exam also you will input the serial number of the card you buy and the pin where necessary then click on check then your result will be bodly show. Best of luck

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