Love or Money?

 Love or money?

What is love ? Love is an amazing, awesome affection you get towards another person it can be a male or a female. Love is something that must be between two different people,yes between parents to children, husband to wife likewise boyfriends to girlfriends.

We have different type of love, eye service, heart love, Agape love, sexual love and many more, what I want you to understand here is that this type of love depends on who you love.

What are the power of love? 

Love is capable of doing so many things, for example love is capable of being jealous, agressive and love works out forgiveness, yes love can be jealous as everyone knows ,it can be aggressive as well when you have pass through so many rough love before gaining the true love you want it may seems aggressive to you then likewise love is capable of forgiveness no matter how worst the situation maybe, love cares, and love don't care. Love is essential for us because where there is real and genuine love there will be trust likewise there will be πŸ•Š️ peace. World is full of chaos because we don't love each other.


What is money? We all know that money is a substance use to achieve whatever you want,money has a lot to do in human race because without money life will be so hard for everybody,that is why people are working hard and harder everyday to have money. Money is said to be the root of all evil like wise money is the moving train for ministry,No matter the type of ministry you are running or let me use the word business without money it is nothing money is capable of doing so many things including buying of love , people believe that with money you can gain ground and even have whatever you seek for, But is this true?

Money is good in some extent or in all extent but how are we getting our money? Is it legit way,scam way or ritual way? Money is good but let be watchful.


Don't forget cooperation brings love, and love is capable of bringing money but can money brings you real love that you want? Hope the love is not going to fade away when money is gone. Think well.

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