Education or Entertainment


As we continue the celebration of independence day today, let try to check out on this two topic which are education and entertainment. Which one is really the key in Nigeria now?

Yes we all know the popular says which inscribed that education is the best policy in life, but is that really so in our country Nigeria, are we moving forward or backward in our educational systems. Starting from the kindergarten to the higher institution what are the improvements? Asuu is on strike for up to 7 month now and do we still think our education system is alright, education can do and undo, infact I believe that also but how about our leaders, did they believe that as well? Youth are now running into entertainment due to the fame,and wealth youth and children are becoming wild in comedy,music,movies and all sort of entertainment in the world, I think it the high time to build our educational systems than focusing on other stuff.

Entertainment is good also infact in a country facing different chaos and insecurity,frustration and so many things I think entertainment is not supposed tbe ridiculed in such a country, moreover Entertainments gives life and happiness away from many types of frustrating issues. There are enough of money, wealth under entertainment and also some are still battling frustration even in entertainment, that was why those in it are finding every means of getting famed and getting well known once that is done then they believe wealth will come. It is good to entertain but do not forget our topic EDUCATION OR ENTERTAINMENT what is your choice comment ๐Ÿ‘‡


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